there will be no French on this blog…


First, I’d like like to apologize to all the French people who stumbled upon my blog here. Sorry to have mislead you, but I do not know French. So there will be no French on this blog, unless I get majorly drunk and somehow learn the language by accident. Those of you who are sorely disappointed by this can take it up with me personally through the many personal contact links I’ve provided under My Links. (If you do contact me for this reason, please include “merde!” in your subject line.)

With that out of the way, I’d like to take some time to introduce myself and explain the reasons behind the creation of this blog. And since I am myself and I tend to ramble as my train of thought go completely beyond my own control, I know this will take more than one entry. So without further ado, here’s the beginning of my introduction into this brave new world.

It all began with a strike of inspiration once upon a Web Wednesday. The topic of discussion that night was God 2.0, and for someone who’s long been a stern critic of organized religion, to feel the divine calling in such a moment is not without its irony. But in truth, this sudden urge to action is the culmination of a great many major events and small epiphanies all rolled up into a big ball of motivation. Such realizations have come and gone in the past, usually overnight and thus, the sheer fact that I’ve gotten this far with a personal project on such a whim surprises myself more so than maybe anyone.

You might be wondering to yourself: Who the *bleep* is this guy? What the *bleep* is he *bleep*ing babbling on about? Why should I spend my precious time reading this BS?

But if you’re indeed wondering why you’re reading, then in a way, you’re already hooked. And this is where I’ll leave you hanging until my next entry.

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