my story continues…

personalsiteI sincerely doubt that I can be any more vague, but…

Before the dawn of this blog; before the formation of my own company; even before the series of events that led to my detour into the I.T. business from my life’s passion for the movies and my interrupted path towards Hollywood success… There was a period of stagnation followed by a bit of self discovery; then a difficult decision followed by a drastic change. My life as me was rebooted. At long last, the prodigal son has returned to the land of his origin; the home of his youth. The story of my then present, now not-so-distant past must be told, even if (nearly) no one will ever read it.

When I think about the journey I took to get to where I am now, I often think about what I said in that story and for the most part, everything is just as true today as it was about a year and a half ago. Yet somehow, everything is also very, very new and different. I hope that while this story is far from concise, it can give you a glimpse into my essence and bring us closer together as human beings. (I felt a little creepy saying that just now, but I’m not one to censor myself, so make of it what you will.)

By the way, if it wasn’t painfully obvious, I did write that story originally as a cover letter for a job at TVB I once applied for when I first returned to Hong Kong. I’ve since taken out most of the references to that fact but keep that in mind when and if you decide to take offense to my pandering rhetoric.

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