WordCamp Hong Kong 2009

Bloging at WordCamp Hong Kong 2009. Matt Mullenweg is speaking now.

First, a group picture taken by Matt.

Next, history lesson. Matt in open source.

Through a comment, wordpress was born.

Matt makes joke about venue, a giant egg.

WordCamp around the world, photos.

Stat dropping. New feature mentions. More stats.

Beyond blogging. Plugins. My friend Ryanne almost won prize (cool WordPress iPhone skin) for having the most plugins installed: 33! Good god. (She doesn’t have an iPhone so he promised her another prize)

Color matching to photos.


More about taxonomies.

(next big thing)


Open source is the future, according to Matt.



And then Matt is done.

Just want to mention that I’m probably the worst live blogger ever.

One rambling idiot signing off.

One thought on “WordCamp Hong Kong 2009

  1. hey kenneth so good seeing you at wordcamp!
    i’m trying to dig out the photo we took with truman. think it’s in my friend’s camera… 🙂

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