auteurdecinema: my moniker, explained…

frameI’m a filmmaker. I tell stories. I translate ideas into stories. Capturing the essence of an idea makes it real, gives it life. Ever since college, I’ve always seen myself as an Auteur waiting for my moment to arrive. I’ve since learned that waiting is useless. I have to go get it.

For those of you who’ve read my story, which I’ve also mentioned before, you know that I’m a filmmaker. No, I haven’t made anything you would have seen in theaters yet. But some day, you’ll see. When I’ve got something I’d want you to see, this blog is where you’ll find out about it first, that’s a promise, my loyal fans.

Michael Jordan plays ball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has a talent.

Aaron Eckhart – Thank You for Smoking

You might be wondering, where I’ve managed to obtain such oversized testicles (balls) to see myself mentioned even in the same breath; same league; same sentence as the greats like theses guys.

My answer is simple, I got it from my mama and so I’m stunnin’ like my daddy.

All kidding aside, I mean no disrespect to these masters, whom I look up to. But since I been initiated into the world of cinema, there haven’t been a film I’ve seen that I don’t think I can personally improve upon.

I’m not saying that I can make better movies than these well-established icons now, because I’m well aware that I still lack experience which can only be accumulated over the years. I’m just confident that I posses within me a worthwhile perspective that deserves to be shared with the world.

So… what am I waiting for?

I’m waiting for my will power to catchup with my imagination, which is happening right about now. Hence, this blog.

Oh and Kevin Smith, I blame you entirely for how long this took. Standup comedy, no matter how amusing and true, should never be taken as serious advice on how to develop your career. I learned this the hard way. Thanks a lot, Silent Bob.

With that said, I’ve got nowhere left to hide.

The world is my stage.

No more excuses.

Here I am.

Here I go!

This is your front-row seat to my genesis.

This is the beginning of an exposé that goes far beyond weight loss (纖體), Hong Kong, and all them thing-a-ma-fux.

Yes, I’m even trying to pioneer my own catch-phrase.

Watch me! I dare you not to! And I’ll keep daring you until you do.

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