give me money so i can stop asking…

Refracted Moments™

photo by Refracted Moments™

Money. Who needs it? I do. You do. So does everyone else.

When you have none, you fantasize about having a ton.

When you have lots, you fantasize about having more.

The truth is, I know I have plenty of knowledge and special skills that are useful to others. I’m willing and ready to work for my financial stability.

My days of being wild are over and it’s time for me to get a real J.O.B..

Here’s my reasoning for why that’s a shame:

I have a company. It’s not making any money at the moment but with a small amount of angel investment, it very well could. I have great ideas, just not enough funds to execute them.

For the artistic type, it’s all about lofty ideals and great visions, the almighty mula is only an afterthought, a byproduct of true creative genius.

For the practical type, money always comes first, anything else is just surplus to requirements; wealth is the direct result of unadulterated ambition.

For someone like myself, caught between the two, it becomes a dilemma. Chase the dream with all my chips on the table or buckle down, play the game and wait for my chance knowing that it could take even longer to get to the promised land.

After some thought, I’ve decided that the best and most direct way to get money is simply to ask for it.

So if you’ve got money to spare and you have things you’d like me to help you with (i.e. a JOB), or if you find it amusing giving away money to a random blogger in the poor house, please do not hesitate to contact me via comment or other channels listed under shameless plugs on the right.

Many thanks in advance to all you suckers! Yes, despite all your instincts telling you not to, it is your duty to give me money so I can stop asking! Seriously!

*Special thanks to Refracted Moments™ for the flickr photo*


3 thoughts on “give me money so i can stop asking…

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