i can be productive if i want to be…


It’s not that I’m unproductive, but in the past, I’ve found myself with a lot of idle time. When you get things done, you’re left with a sense of emptiness. Like in Memento, once you’re gotten your revenge, what else is there to strive for?

Sometimes, this can drive you mad. You find every excuse possible to delay completing the tasks at hand; you wait for the last possible moment to minimize that loss; you act busy rather than getting busy.

When procrastination rears its ugly head, it’s just like looking into a mirror, because ultimately, there’s only yourself to blame.

Lately that haven’t been the problem with me since, clearly, I’m in the poor house. Desperation and necessity are great motivators, even if their sources are self-inflicted conditions that no one else could begin to understand. But also, I’ve discovered that when I sit around and twiddle my thumbs, nothing good ever comes of it.

I’m not saying that I never put things off now, but I think I’ve gotten smarter about putting in the right amount of effort to produce the results I need. Cutting corners have been a bad habit of mine over the past years and self-rationalization have been an even greater affliction, I can now conclude.

Spending time thinking about doing things, rather than doing the things you’re thinking about doing is a waste of time. That’s not to say that planning is bad. But until you take action, any plan is exactly the same as no plan.

Everyone wants to be productive, the trick is to overcome your own excuses and fears. It is important to understand the conditions and hurdles that gets in the way of your progress. More crucial than clearing them one by one is to do so while not creating others to take their place in the process.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way and it’s taken an incredible amount of effort to extract myself from the self-destructive pattern that resulted in countless unimaginable pains I still suffer from to this day.

In the end, productivity is a choice. Let yours be the one that sets you free.

*Special thanks to Aaron (asalexander) for the flickr photo*


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