about my new job (a preview)…

Mykl Roventine

photo by Mykl Roventine

So, it’s funny that my last post was about being productive. With that said, I’ve been putting off writing this post about my new adventure into a new career for quite a few weeks now. Mostly I was still coming to terms with this reality not really sure I was going through with it, but also, I want to figure out how exactly to explain the reasons behind such a drastic change.

Those of you who’ve been following my other blog in Chinese might know that I’ve been in quite a melodramatic mood as of late. This is partly to do with the state of my current relationship, which is tumultuous to say the least. But it’s also because of the uncertain state of my work situation as I’ve mentioned. Panhandling at the entire world seemed like a good idea at the time when I had no real prospects of making money.

Things have changed.

I’ve taken some steps towards the right direction. I’m currently in training for a new position at a fairly reputable company in Hong Kong. It is also in one of the major fields wildly popular here. For those who know me, this may come as a shock. But soon you’ll all know what this is all about.

Those who follow me on twitter will have an idea, but I’m sure the suspense is killing those of you who don’t.

Oh and by the way, you better run and hide when you see me coming around the corner.


You’ll see.

Crap! This isn’t a post about my new job! This is more like a post about that post, which is forthcoming, I promise.

Then again, I’ve made such promises before. Let’s see if I come through this time.

I’m getting the feeling that I just might.

Timeline: tell all post by Christmas as a present to you all! Ho! Ho! Ho!

(believe it when you see it)

*Special thanks to Mykl Roventine for the flickr photo*

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