i’m not a comedian but…


photo by petesimon

Some people find me hilarious, or maybe I just think they do. Regardless of which, I think I’m capable of bringing joy and laughter to the masses if given the right viechle, the right opportunity, the right stage.

(Something tells me this isn’t it, blogging that is.)

I may not be a comedian, but I can say rather funny things to entertain those around me. Those who know me well may have experienced this. Those who haven’t yet can expect it tomorrow. Those who read this blog may find yourselves giggling at times for no apparent reason.

Entertainment is my life’s purpose, the movies especially. To entertain is to give people something to think about, laugh about, cry about.

If my words here don’t touch you in one way or another, then I’m not doing it right.

If you don’t care, no one can make you.

Life is full of drama, full of surprises. Sometimes they may scare you, sometimes they can upset you, but if you look carefully enough, they may often time be darn funny. The key is to notice the joy in those experiences and laugh out load (LOL).

I hope that you’re satisfied with this performance. I hereby bid you adieu and many pleasant dreams. Please come again, or better yet, subscribe to my RSS feed so you can stay constantly updated with my many a wise cracks.

*Special thanks to petesimon for the flickr photo*

One thought on “i’m not a comedian but…

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