in the numbers…

Blog Stats graphSince I’m now in the finance industry, numbers have started to occupy a good amount of my daily thought process. Before it’s all about the ideas and the creative explosions, but now, quantifiable data is starting to make more and more sense to me. This is why my recent blog stats is so upsetting to me.

For someone who claims to be a social media specialist, the amount of inactivity I manage to accumulate is staggering. Sure, I’ve been busy with meetings, setting up blogs for clients, exploring various channels of income, advocating the importance of financial health, and immersing myself in my new company, etc…

If I were here to come up with excuses, I could go on all day long. But what I want to emphasize more is the simple truth that traffic comes from a sustained presence in multiple channels. In other words, if you show up enough, eventually someone is going to take a look and maybe you’ll have something they want.

People such as myself often over think things. I try to come up with cleaver ideas for posts and spend days thinking about what and how to write what I want to say rather than actually sitting down and writing. In the end, the ideas fizzles out and the opportunity to connect was lost.

Inspiration is like raw passionate sex, once the moment of unfiltered emotions is gone, no amount of stimulus can recreate quite the same experience.

One of my worst habit as far as counter-productiveness goes is my tendency to pace around contemplating, formulating and planning what to write, say or do. What ends up happening is I construct these elaborate internal monologues that are in my mind pretty ground breaking and revolutionary, but unfortunately no one will ever know about them.

Being conscious of this behavior is my first step towards recovery. Now, whenever I think of something to say, I try to sit down at my computer and put my hand to the keyboard. No matter how silly the idea, it’s better to have some record of it for future reference than to have nothing when I want to turn that idea into some sort of an action plan.

But going back to the numbers, as you can see, traffic to my blog have been steadily declining due to long periods of absence on my part. However, I can be slightly encouraged that with my activities being interlinked and pushed out to so many channels, I still get some random discovery here and there stemming from my network.

Relying on original content to generate traffic is always a long and laborious process, but if I can some how find ways to turn people onto other interesting resources and provide value to my readers that way, then my life could get a lot easier. For the time being, however, I’m on a crusade to build up my own presence with my bare hands. Which means you guys will have to deal with my monologuing for just a bit longer, and perhaps even more frequently.

I’m not against the idea of content recycling or auto-content for that matter, but I believe that I could have enough to share if I just stick to the idea of writing down most of my coherent thoughts into publishable blog posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to cultivate enough business through my recent efforts to allow me the opportunity to spend more time in doing so.

We shall see. Now it’s your turn to think about what’s in the numbers for you. What are the stats and figures that’s so intertwined with your lives that you might not have thought about previously? Now is a good time to give that some careful consideration. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


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