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If you guys are new to my blog, welcome.

Haven’t written a new post for over a year now. Feeling very rusty and a bit nervous. Unlike when I’m tweeting, I suppose I actually have to make sense on a “real” blog post.

As I’ve remarked on a recent update to my “last post” from early 2010, life had gotten in the way of my previous attempt in being a responsible blogger.

After a brief stint in the finance industry and yet another failed attempt to resurrect my startup, I’ve landed a job in a media company.

It’s nice to have resources and working with real brands is far more rewarding than digging in the couch for loose change just to make ends meet.

Things on the personal front are also much calmer in comparison with the past period of absolute insanity. In fact, I quite enjoy the fact that I don’t have time for much of a personal life since I started at the new company.

Not sure how long the honeymoon period with this company will last, but as I’m passionate about finally being able to do real work, I think I’ll actually be staying for the long haul. But life, as I’ve experienced it, is always full of surprises.

And to all my friends and acquaintances in the startup community, I WILL BE BACK!

But for now, let’s see if I can create some opportunities for y’all.

Oh, and I’m getting fat again! Need to lose weight.


i’m not a comedian but…


photo by petesimon

Some people find me hilarious, or maybe I just think they do. Regardless of which, I think I’m capable of bringing joy and laughter to the masses if given the right viechle, the right opportunity, the right stage.

(Something tells me this isn’t it, blogging that is.)

I may not be a comedian, but I can say rather funny things to entertain those around me. Those who know me well may have experienced this. Those who haven’t yet can expect it tomorrow. Those who read this blog may find yourselves giggling at times for no apparent reason.

Entertainment is my life’s purpose, the movies especially. To entertain is to give people something to think about, laugh about, cry about.

If my words here don’t touch you in one way or another, then I’m not doing it right.

If you don’t care, no one can make you.

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i can be productive if i want to be…


It’s not that I’m unproductive, but in the past, I’ve found myself with a lot of idle time. When you get things done, you’re left with a sense of emptiness. Like in Memento, once you’re gotten your revenge, what else is there to strive for?

Sometimes, this can drive you mad. You find every excuse possible to delay completing the tasks at hand; you wait for the last possible moment to minimize that loss; you act busy rather than getting busy.

When procrastination rears its ugly head, it’s just like looking into a mirror, because ultimately, there’s only yourself to blame.

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if you haven’t checked out my Chinese blog yet…

Just a quick shout out to my Chinese speaking/reading friends and readers out there. You know who you are. And a reminder to those of you who haven’t checked out my other blog written almost entirely in Chinese. If you enjoy this blog, go check it out. If you don’t read Chinese, do a google translate from Chinese to English and you’ll know what’s up. (In fact that’s how I wrote most of the articles anyways, google translating it back from English to Chinese, saves a lot of time Pinyin typing)

If you still don’t get it, assume that I’m discussing the size of your penis (and giggling) if you’re a guy, or (swooning over) how amazingly attractive and smart you are if you happen to be a lady.

Yeah, I’m a pig, so sue me. (but do so in Chinese if you dare)

auteurdecinema: my moniker, explained…

frameI’m a filmmaker. I tell stories. I translate ideas into stories. Capturing the essence of an idea makes it real, gives it life. Ever since college, I’ve always seen myself as an Auteur waiting for my moment to arrive. I’ve since learned that waiting is useless. I have to go get it.

For those of you who’ve read my story, which I’ve also mentioned before, you know that I’m a filmmaker. No, I haven’t made anything you would have seen in theaters yet. But some day, you’ll see. When I’ve got something I’d want you to see, this blog is where you’ll find out about it first, that’s a promise, my loyal fans.

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my story continues…

personalsiteI sincerely doubt that I can be any more vague, but…

Before the dawn of this blog; before the formation of my own company; even before the series of events that led to my detour into the I.T. business from my life’s passion for the movies and my interrupted path towards Hollywood success… There was a period of stagnation followed by a bit of self discovery; then a difficult decision followed by a drastic change. My life as me was rebooted. At long last, the prodigal son has returned to the land of his origin; the home of his youth. The story of my then present, now not-so-distant past must be told, even if (nearly) no one will ever read it.

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there will be no French on this blog…


First, I’d like like to apologize to all the French people who stumbled upon my blog here. Sorry to have mislead you, but I do not know French. So there will be no French on this blog, unless I get majorly drunk and somehow learn the language by accident. Those of you who are sorely disappointed by this can take it up with me personally through the many personal contact links I’ve provided under My Links. (If you do contact me for this reason, please include “merde!” in your subject line.)

With that out of the way, I’d like to take some time to introduce myself and explain the reasons behind the creation of this blog. And since I am myself and I tend to ramble as my train of thought go completely beyond my own control, I know this will take more than one entry. So without further ado, here’s the beginning of my introduction into this brave new world.

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