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*Obviously, this did not end up happening as life gets in the way as usual*

As you can see, my company’s domain have now been redirected to this blog. For the time being, this will be the base of operation for any Metamorphosis Multimedia related news and announcements. In time, all the company blog posts from 2008 will also be migrated over and combined with existing entries.

The general direction of M3 is to focus on social media as a distribution channel for all sorts of content including but not limited to videos, blog articles, promotions, product features, tutorials, and various other useful resources.

The idea is to post at least once a day. Somehow I need to dicipline myself in such a way that allow for a sustainable content stream that keeps people coming back to check out my latest boring antics.

The goal is to be somewhat entertaining. Hopefully I’ll be able to offer up some advise or insights into social media, financial planning, and life in general.

If you don’t see a new blog from me here on any given day, go check on my Chinese blog (if you read Chinese). Alternatively you could go to my new setup at Posterous where I’ll be aggregating both of my blogs into one place at some point. I still love WordPress. It will always be my base. But I’m also exploring other services that can cater to my other needs, such as autoposting to Xanga. Please follow me on twitter as well if want to know the instant I’m taking a crap.

Nah! Just a bad joke, I know. Sorry.


my story continues…

personalsiteI sincerely doubt that I can be any more vague, but…

Before the dawn of this blog; before the formation of my own company; even before the series of events that led to my detour into the I.T. business from my life’s passion for the movies and my interrupted path towards Hollywood success… There was a period of stagnation followed by a bit of self discovery; then a difficult decision followed by a drastic change. My life as me was rebooted. At long last, the prodigal son has returned to the land of his origin; the home of his youth. The story of my then present, now not-so-distant past must be told, even if (nearly) no one will ever read it.

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