moments of doubt…


After paying tribute to my mom for being a supportive parent in my previous article (in Chinese), I’d like to be fair and also mention the ways in which she contributes to my many moments of doubt in the course of pursuing a career in film and as a startup founder.

Film director Derek Kwok (郭子健) shared a story during his talk with fellow director Barbara Wong (黃真真) at the CoCoon CASE Conference that really resonated with me. When he told his mom about the possibility of transitioning to filmmaking from a stable job as a print graphic designer, her mom replied:

“So, about my allowance… Well… If you must… But, better not if you don’t HAVE to…”

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just another restart…


Yes, I know that blogging is important for startups. After listening to the talk by Mr. Jamie at the CoCoon CASE Conference this past weekend, I’m once again inspired to take some action.

Since I digest a lot of information everyday, having an outlet to express and communicate myself daily always seemed like a good idea. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve made this sort of declaration committing to a writing project, but frankly I’m sick and tired of my own excuses.

In order to have a meaningful target for myself that I can stick to, I’ll set some reasonable ground rules for myself to follow:

  1. Length of blog posts will be between 250 words to 1000 words.
  2. 5 blog posts per week across 3 outlets:

Topics I plan to cover include: Technology, Startup Life, Storytelling, and Visual Stuff.

While I can’t claim to be an expert in these areas mostly because I’m such an expert on modesty, and also sarcasm, I do feel especially connected to these topics.

I’m once again embarking on the startup life with FilmSkout, which is a platform aimed at communicating visual stories through the use of technology.

Looking forward to accomplishing something through this restart. I will need your help to keep me accountable and allow us to grow together. Please share with me thoughts about your own writing projects and how you’ve managed to stay disciplined.

Be right back…