moments of doubt…


After paying tribute to my mom for being a supportive parent in my previous article (in Chinese), I’d like to be fair and also mention the ways in which she contributes to my many moments of doubt in the course of pursuing a career in film and as a startup founder.

Film director Derek Kwok (郭子健) shared a story during his talk with fellow director Barbara Wong (黃真真) at the CoCoon CASE Conference that really resonated with me. When he told his mom about the possibility of transitioning to filmmaking from a stable job as a print graphic designer, her mom replied:

“So, about my allowance… Well… If you must… But, better not if you don’t HAVE to…”

As a startup guy and also a filmmaker, I face similar questions on a daily basis. I would even say that the pressure is doubly severe given that my parents were already super supportive in my previous startup effort which resulted in near catastrophe for myself and our family financially.

To embark on yet another journey in my startup life with FilmSkout and prove all the doubters wrong is taking a tremendous amount of courage. Luckily, I have no shortage in that department.

Through all those moments of doubt, one single belief carries me though:

Or as my university cinema studies professor Willis often said:

We read millions of inspirational quotes dispensed via a multitude of movies, celebrities and influential people on a daily basis, but true inspiration comes from within each and every one of us.

Beyond the quotes, we must live out those words through our actions everyday so that when the end comes inevitably, we are not left only with regret.

Steve Jobs said:

Lifehack Quotes

I say:


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